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How do I add videos on Facebook?

To add videos:

Step 1: Click Photo/Video on the top of your News Feed or Timeline.


Step 2: Choose a video from your computer.

Step 3: Click Post.


  • When you upload video, you can add more: Tag Friends, Feeling/Activity, Check in.



  • You can choose who can see your video:Public, Friends or Only Me.




I can’t add video.

Video need time upload, depend videos size, so you wait for some time.

If you can’t upload video, you can check:

  • This video in support format. We’re recommend use MP4 or MOV. You can change format by video software.
  • The length and size of the video. The maximum length is 120 minutes. The maximum file size is 4.0 GB.
  • You sure that you use newest version.
  • You sure that you have strong network connection.

Note: You don’t upload more the same video.



How don’t auto play video when I scroll it?

Step 1: Click icon  on the top on of Timeline.

Step 2: Select Settings.




Step 3: Select Videos.





Step 4: Click Auto-paly Videos.


Step 5: Click Default and choose On or Off.



How do I deleted video upload?

Step 1: Click on video to open it.

Step 2: Click icon ∨ and select Delete.


Step 3: Click Delete Post.



Note: If you delete video, you’ll don’t see it on your Timeline.


Live video

What is the live video on Facebook?

Live video is article contain video in Timeline. This may be from your friends or famous person you create follow.

When you looking live video or played video, you can register to get notification is next video.


How do I share live video in my Timeline?

  • You go your Timeline, find bar on the left of your Timeline
  • Click Live Video.



How do I find live video on the Facebook?

Step 1: Click icon   on the top on of Timeline.

Step 2: Select Settings.




Step 3: Select Notifications.



Step 4: Select On Facebook


Step 5: Scroll down and click Live Videos.



Step 6: Select On or Suggestions Off or All Off.






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