[Facebook] Post and share

How do I post and share my status on Facebook?

STEP 1: Click What's on your mind? on the Timeline or at the top of News Feed.

STEP 2: Write status and you can choose:

  •  Tag Friends
  •  Feeling / Activity
  •  Check in
  •  Photo/Video
  • Photo/Video Album

STEP 3: You can choose who can see your post: Public, Friends or Only Me.

STEP 4: Click Post.



How do I can post and share in a group?

STEP 1: To post in a group, you need go to this group and click the box Write Post.

STEP 2: Write post and you can add more:

  • Add Photo/Video
  • Create Poll
  • Sell Something
  • Add File
  • Create Photo Album
  • Create Doc
  • Create Event

If you like you can include your location and tag others members of group in your post.

STEP 3: Click Post.


Note: All members in a group get notification about all new post in a group unless they choose adjust notification in their group. If group privacy is set to Close or Secret, only group members can see things that get post in the group. 

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