[Facebook Page] Like and Interact with page

How do I like a page?

  • From a page: click Like bellow the page.
  • From News Feed or an advertise: click Like or Like Page.


Note: When you like page, the page news will appear in your Timeline and also appear in News Feed. We can to display you in your like page or in advertise that page.



How do I unlike a page?

Step 1: Go to the page by click in name page on the News Feed or Search

Step 2: Bellow the page a cover photo, select

Step 3: Select Unlike this Page.




How do I share a page with my friends?

Step 1: Click Share on the bottom news.



Step 2: Select Share now (Only Me), Share…, Send a Message or Share on a friend’s Timeline.



How do I post on my page?

Step 1: Go to your home page, click Status.


Step 2: You’re Writes something…

Note: You can add:

  • Photo/Video: such as Upload Photos/Video, Create Photo Album, Create a Photo Carousel, Create Slideshow, Create a Canvas.


  • Event, Milestone+

Event: You must fill all information this form. Next Publish.



Milestone: You must fill all information this form. Next Save.


  • Add what you’re doing or how you’re feeling and Check in.



Step 3: Click Publish.



How do I send a private message to a page?

Step 1: Go to a page.

Step 2: Click Message below the page cover photo.


Step 3: Type a message…



Note: You can add Take a picture using quick cam, Add photo, Choose a sticker, Choose a gif or sticker, Choose an emoji, Add file and Sent a like.

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