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How do I install Facebook on my mobile?

STEP 1: Click icon Play Store app on your mobile.

STEP 2: Enter Facebook in the box Google Play.

STEP 3: Click Facebook.



STEP 5: Click ACCEPT and wait it download.


How do I log in Facebook on my mobile?

If you have a Facebook account, you can open Facebook app and fill any information:

STEP 1: Click icon Faecbook app in the your mobile.


STEP 2: Enter Email or Phone and Password.

STEP 3: Click LOG IN.


If you haven’t a Facebook account, you need create new Facebook account.

STEP 1: Click icon Facebook app in the your mobile.

STEP 2: Click CREATE NEW FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and do follow instruct.

 STEP 3: Click Next.

STEP 4: Mobile Number: you choose your country and enter your Mobile Number and click Next.

If you don’t create by mobile number, you can Sign Up With Email Address and click Next.

STEP 5: Name: you fill your Fist Name and Last Name and click Next.

STEP 6: Birthday: you fill your birthday and click Next.

STEP 7: Gender: you click icon o choose your gender: Male or Female and click Next.

STEP 8: Password: you fill your Password and click Next.

STEP 9: Finish Signing Up: after you finish sign up you can click Sign Up to use Facebook.

Note: You must confirm mobile number or email address before use Facebook.


How do I log out Facebook account on my mobile?

STEP 1: Click icon  on the top your Facebook.

STEP 2: Pull down and click Log Out.




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