[Facebook] Creating an Account

How do I create an Facebook account?

STEP 1: Access www.facebook.com.

STEP 2: You’ll see a create an account form, please fill your information in form: First name, Surname, Mobile number or email address, Re-enter mobile number or email address, New password, Birthday and gender.


  • You must fill same information in both Mobile number or email address and Re-enter mobile number or email address.


  • New password can use lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters.
  • GENDER is your gender, check in Female or Male

.STEP 3: Click Create an account.



Create Facebook account problems

1. How do I confirm my mobile number or email address?

To complete the create an account process, you must confirm your mobile number or email address you did create.

  • Confrim mobile number by fill code you receive in the Confirm box when you Log in.
  • Confirm email address by open link in email you receive when you create an account.


2. Why am I being request add my phone number to my account?

Add your phone number in your account help:

  • Give safe for your account.
  • Give easier connect with your friend and your family.
  • Give easier regain access in your account if you meet trouble log in.

If you see a suggestion when you fill your mobile number or email address, this may be:

  • Your phone or tablet.
  • Your mobile operator.
  • Information provide by others on Facebook.
  • Other created but don’t confirm.

Note: You can control who can see your phone number on your profile.


3. I didn’t find confirm email about create facebook account.

If you create by email address we sent confirm email for you to your email address. Confirm email includes a link and you need to click on link to confirm your account.

If you don’t find your confirm email, you check email address exactly or check junk folder or social email if use Gmail.

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