Apps, game allow interact with friend in and out Facebook. You can choose the privacy settings for apps and game you use.

You can create or attend an event for anything such as birthday, festival... When you create an event, you can control who can sees or joins your event.

Faecbook group help you connect to with people have same liking. You can create a group for anything.

How do you manage your home page?

If you see page that is interest, you can like it to add that page on your News Feed. To like a page:

Facebook page help many business, organization, brand or public figures share information of their and connect to with many people. You can like page you to care to update activity of page. When you like a page, your friend also see activity this page on News Feed.

You can post and share a video on your Facebook page. Special, Facebook have Live video feature. It is article contain video.

You can share photos and create an album in your Facebook page. Your photo may be selfie or event. When you up photo you can tag your friend and choose who can see your photos and albums.

You want to share photos on your mobile with your friends. You can post it on your Facebook page. When you post photo you can choose who can see your post photos.

You want have many friends, you using Facebook on your mobike. You can send requests add friend on your mobile. To send requests add friend: